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Dare to Dream it, Work to Achieve it!!

Book Fair 2017
Book Fair 2017


Welcome to the Our Library Web Site!

"School Libraries Are The Foundations Of Our Culture-Not Luxuries"-Laurie Halse Anderson

2nd 9 Weeks Reading Incentives

10 Points by progress reports-Popcorn party

25 Points by end of 9 weeks-Pizza Party

"Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are."

School reading Fair Winners

Category F- 1st Tara Leggett  2nd Less Cohran  3rd Jasmine Stevens 

Category I-1st Will Manning      Category L- 1st Heather Vu & Florabeth Lopez-Lopez  

Category M-1st Mia Catalan & Meghan Torrano   2nd Grayson & Allie Johnson   

3rd Jessie Jones & Shelda Torrence 

Categoty M(digital) 1st Chance, Logan, & Brody Phillipson

District Reading Fair-Friday November 17th at Roosevelt State Park